Thursday, July 28, 2011

LiteSpeed Object Level Recovery Performance Enhancement

I recently had the opportunity (if you'd call it that) to utilize LiteSpeed's Object Level Recovery functionality on a large (~500GB) database and was somewhat surprised at the poor performance.

An end user had run a report in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application with incorrect settings, corrupting a table to the point where we needed the data from prior to the report run. Object Level Recovery (OLR) seemed like just the thing.

After determining the date desired for the restore I opened the OLR wizard in the LiteSpeed console, selected the appropriate full and differential backups and clicked through to view the backup contents to select the desired table. Then I waited...and waited, for hours and hours. It took so long that I stopped the process after five hours, thinking it must be hung. I re-started the process and let it run overnight, eventually the task completed and I was able to restore the table but I was convinced that this was not a workable solution for the future.


LiteSpeed does Object Level Recovery by building an OLR 'map' over the backup contents and allows one to display a list of objects and then select individual tables for recovery. The building of this map is what was taking so long as we are basically building an index over the backup files. Consultations with the vendor, Quest Software, indicated that they are aware of the performance issues with OLR and they suggested either applying a OLR-related HotFix or upgrading to version 6.5, which includes the fix. Another suggestion was to perform the OLR map build during the backup, although support indicated that there might be a performance hit during backups.


I upgraded LiteSpeed to version 6.5 and performed some rudimentary tests which showed that improvements had been made but nothing significant. OLR map building/contents view was still taking quite a long time, especially when combining a full and a differential backup. Following support's suggestion, I enabled the map building during the backup by going to the maintenance plan properties for both the full and differential backup plans and setting "Optimize the Object Level Recovery speed of the backup" under the "LiteSpeed" section.

Figure 1


I saved the maintenance plan, tested backup times and was pleasantly surprised that there was no noticeable increase in time required to perform the backup. Now to test the OLR restore time.

I had expected an improvement but was stunned to find that LiteSpeed returned the object list in about 30 seconds! That is truly some kind of performance change, now Object Level Recovery is actually usable.


I would highly recommend that anyone using LiteSpeed for backups upgrade to version 6.5 and change their maintenance plans to optimize OLR. It doesn't seem to add any appreciable time during the backup and the gains during recovery are simply stunning.

Quest Software should make this the default setting.
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