Monday, September 1, 2008

Resume of Jeff Stevenson, CNC Consultant

Microsoft Word version can be found here

Senior, highly knowledgeable technologist with over a decade of experience as JD Edwards consultant/administrator and technology project manager with proven ability to deliver technology solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner that satisfies enterprise and SMB customers

¨ Member of Oracle's Technical Task Force for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
¨ Awarded J.D. Edwards Technology Consultant of the Year (2001) and J.D. Edwards Teamwork Award (2001)
¨ Outstanding technical knowledge in areas of ERP, database, web technologies, operating systems, & networking
¨ Performed as technology project manager and lead consultant on multiple JDE OneWorld technology implementations
¨ Provided formal training for JD Edwards internal consultants and customers; authored JD Edwards white papers

SQL Server MCDBA, MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), WebSphere Certified Systems Expert
B.S., Salisbury University, 1995; US Marine Corps Honorable Discharge, 1994
Interests in fitness and athletics, website design and administration, history, Russian literature

Principal, The Karamazov Group, Gaithersburg, MD (4/2006-Present)
  • Founded technology consulting firm to provide senior-level JD Edwards CNC, SQL Server, WebSphere and other technology services to select clients
  • Provided consulting services to EnterpriseOne and SQL Server customers as follows:

Dairy Equipment Manufacturer (Madison, WI)
  • Executed performance enhancements associated with EnterpriseOne SQL Servers including tempdb optimizations, SQL maintenance plan reconfiguration and SQL/SAN location changes
  • Providing long-term expert support and advice for all SQL Server systems
  • Planning and executing SQL Server 2000/2005 upgrade

Medical Device Company (Edison, NJ)
  • Performed E1/SQL Server system audit and performance enhancements including SQL memory optimization, database configuration changes and environment refresh design
  • Planned and executed SQL Server 2000/2005 upgrade

Lighting Manufacturer (Aurora, OH)
  • Developed complete project and work plan for SQL 2000/2005 upgrade
  • Executed SQL Server 2000/2005 upgrades involving both in-place and parallel upgrade methods on a OneWorld ERP8 system while maintaining high system availability and minimal cutover downtime

Homebuilding Company (Reston, VA)
  • Designed fully redundant and highly-available, eight server EnterpriseOne architecture including a dual active-passive clustered database/enterprise system, vertically and horizontally clustered WebSphere component, while realizing a production isolated redundant system within customer’s budgetary goal.
  • Designed a highly-optimized SAN storage solution using multiple volumes and appropriate RAID levels that meets customer’s current and future performance and storage needs
  • Installed and implemented 8.12/8.96 E1 system in conjunction with company’s chosen partner allowing company to become the first Oracle customer utilizing the Homebuilder module in 8.12
  • Performed advanced SQL memory and IO tuning, providing customer with optimal database performance and reliability
  • Provided essential Sarbanes-Oxley advice and automated information retrieval scripts, enabling customer to successful complete multiple SOX audits using a minimum of staff time. Documented SOX processes to reduce customer dependency on consulting resource
  • Developed processes and procedures to govern the activities and interactions of multi-discipline group of E1 power users and support personnel
  • Provided expert E1 security concepts guidance and assisted in comprehensive security design
  • Trained CNC Administrator to handle daily responsibilities
  • Perform day-to-day SQL Server administration and monitoring
  • Provide high-level support and troubleshooting for EnterpriseOne, SQL Server and WebSphere

Homebuilding Company (Burr Ridge, IL)
  • Performed EnterpriseOne performance audit, identifying numerous opportunities for improvement including SQL index maintenance, tempdb enhancements and SQL memory tuning
  • Executed resolutions for items identified in audit, resulting in significant performance gains, ease of maintenance and increased end-user satisfaction with the E1 system
  • Provided expert advice for EnterpriseOne version upgrade planning

Medical/Healthcare Support Services Provider (Des Moines, IA)
  • Performed SQL Server performance audit, identifying key areas for improvement on high-load, multiple-interface database system
  • Provided guidance for resolution of items identified in performance audit including SQL JDBC 2005 reconfiguration, tempdb enhancements, page splits abatement, filesystem fragmentation and SAN/Volume design changes
  • Performed high-level support and troubleshooting for EnterpriseOne and SQL Server systems

District School Board (Ontario, CA)
  • Planned and executed reconfiguration of existing WebSphere system for load-balanced redundancy and increased performance using WAS Network Deployment

JD Edwards Hosting Company (Roswell, GA)
  • Provided short-notice CNC support for EnterpriseOne hosting company allowing the provider to continue to meet service level agreements

CNC Technology Manager, The Mills Inc., Arlington, VA (4/2004-4/2006)
  • Designed and implemented multi-server, high-availability, load-balanced, SAN-based, clustered EnterpriseOne ERP8/SQL Server 2000/WebSphere system
  • Ensured high availability of EnterpriseOne system and supporting SQL Server database and WebSphere technologies with uptimes nearing 99.99%
  • Performed maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting for EnterpriseOne, SQL Server and WebSphere systems
  • Created and executed project and work plans for EnterpriseOne system maintenance, demonstrating a commitment to project management philosophies
  • Developed automated tasks to monitor EnterpriseOne, SQL Server and WebSphere systems and to alert staff of potentially adverse events
  • Initiated after-action process to foster root-cause analysis discussion of business impacting events
  • Designed and maintained system diagrams and documentation of EnterpriseOne and interfacing systems
  • Oversaw the activities of the CNC group, supporting the EnterpriseOne system and associated SQL Server 2000 database and IBM WebSphere/IIS web server operations
  • Communicated with multiple group heads both within and outside of the IT department to coordinate maintenance activities
  • Contributed to successful completion of multiple company-wide Sarbanes-Oxley audits
  • Trained and mentored CNC Administrator, help desk personnel, business analysts, developers and consultants
  • Designed and implemented periodic maintenance plan for ensuring continued high performance of EnterpriseOne system
  • Increased long-term efficiency of CNC group by creating and maintaining process and procedures documents

OneWorld Technology Specialist, PeopleSoft, Inc./J.D. Edwards & Co., Inc. , Atlanta, GA (11/2001-4/2004)
  • Exercised technical and project management skills to successfully integrate CNC technology into OneWorld implementation projects for clients all over the United States
  • Implemented ERP8 and IBM WebSphere/Apache and IIS HTTP-based solution on a variety of platforms
  • Acted as JD Edwards regional subject matter expert on IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere platforms and published associated white papers
  • Designed first ever large-scale remote development solution using Citrix Metaframe-based Terminal Servers, allowing customers to perform full development at multiple remote sites and realize large savings in both cost and time
  • Created and maintained best practice documents that guided the activities of CNC consultants and standardized CNC knowledge
  • Recognized as an official mentor to Southeastern Technology Group members on technical and professional matters
  • Supported Sales and Marketing department during pre-sales meetings, providing “from-the-trenches” insight to potential clients
  • Regional representative for ERP9 (8.9, 8.10, 8.11, 8.12 Family) Beta Testing Program as a technology subject matter expert
  • Provided formal training to customers as an instructor in official JD Edwards classes

Senior OneWorld Technology Consultant, J.D. Edwards & Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA (8/2000-11/2001)
  • Installed, upgraded and configured J.D. Edwards OneWorld product, planned installations and upgrades
  • Performed performance analysis/tuning of OneWorld systems
  • Trained over 250 J.D. Edwards employees during “Technology Survival Camps”
  • Regularly delivered presentations at Kickoff and Quarterly meetings and contributed material to JD Edwards internal newsletter
  • Acted as JDE subject matter expert for SQL Server, Windows 2000 and Citrix/Terminal Server
  • Assisted in the development of a new-hire consultant training program and trained JD Edwards CNC consultants

OneWorld Technology Consultant, J.D. Edwards & Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA (9/1999-8/2000)
  • Performed installations and upgrades of OneWorld B7331-Xe on Windows, Unix and AS/400 (iSeries) platforms
  • Performed onsite audits for J.D. Edwards customers
  • Performed ESU and Service Pack installation and Package Build troubleshooting

IT Systems Administrator, Filtronic Comtek Inc., Salisbury, MD (8/1998-8/1999)
  • Provided high-uptime operation of multi-server, 400-user Novell Netware 4.11/Ethernet network with Win95/NT clients
  • Implemented low cost Lotus Notes-based help desk system increasing efficiency of IT department and improving service to users

RF Design Engineer, Filtronic Comtek Inc., Salisbury, MD (7/1997-8/1998)
  • Designed cellular phone system coaxial-waveguide RF filters

Technician Supervisor/Electronics Technician, Filtronic Comtek Inc., Salisbury, MD (10/1995-7/1997)
  • Coordinated the manufacturing production activities of a group of eight technicians in an ISO9001 environment
  • Performed alignment, tuning and troubleshooting procedures on cellular base-station RF filters

Avionics/Weapons Systems Technician, United States Marine Corps (10/1989-10/1994)
  • Supported high-tempo operational requirements of a Fleet Marine Force F/A-18 fighter squadron while deployed to Japan, Korea, Okinawa and various locations within the US

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