Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(Very) Old Style EnterpriseOne Environment Refresh

Back in the day whole environment refreshes were commonplace, utilized both as a go-live step and as a way of ensuring that environments before PD in the SDLC were synchronized.  It worked and in the absence of a true object management tool, was pretty useful.  Whole methodologies developed around this practice.  With the introduction of OMW and subsequent understanding of how to manage a SDLC in EnterpriseOne the use of the practice seems to have dwindled.  I know that, due to the possible issues associated with refreshing an environment's object's I no longer utilize the "whole environment refresh" method except as a repair tool.

Because somebody asked about this:


Please keep in mind that some of the information is out of date, particularly the P9864A stuff which is only for pre-8.11 and that most of these steps are done differently now.
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Charles Anderson said...

The new Environment Copy with E1 9.0 is actually a very good replacement for manually executed scripts, or even a series of UBEs submitted by a CNC. It will also copy OCM mappings, ESU history, and packages (if selected) from the source to the target, in addition to the user data. I've used this both as a repair tool and as a way to quickly build a "Sandbox" environment for a customer who needed one quickly. The old Environment Director was a disaster waiting to happen; but I think they finally "got it right".

Goutam said...

Yes, the new version of Environment Director with ERP 9.0 is simply amazing and reduces manual efforts.