Friday, November 13, 2009

Adding a Large Number of Objects to an OMW Project in EnterpriseOne

Occasionally it is necessary to place a large number of objects in an EnterpriseOne Object Management Workbench project.  The default method of selecting a single object in the right pane and clicking the left arrow to add an object to a project is cumbersome but not a huge issue for an object or two.  After about ten objects though and the interface gets tiresome.

A typical use that necessitates placing a large number of objects in an OMW project is when a UBE and all of its versions need to be modified.  Since some UBE's have dozens of versions the standard method is just too time-consuming.  Fortunately there is a way of working around this limitation.

OMW has an row exit button titled "Add All Objects" that is used to add all objects listed in the right pane to the selected project in the left pane.  This is shown below:

You would use the "Search" field in the right pane to create the list of objects that you wish to add to a project, select the desired project in the left pane, then click "Add All Objects".  Be sure to select the correct project in the left pane since OMW will place them in the topmost project (your default project) if you do not explicitly select a project.

Wildcards can be used in the "Search" field if desired:

OMW also has an advanced search that can be used to select objects using more complex criteria:

Regardless of the search method utilized, the "Add All Objects" method in OMW results in a dramatic time savings and a more accurate method of adding objects to an EnterpriseOne Object Management Workbench project.
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Deepesh Divakaran said...

THank you... that was real good information. But does it exist in Xe?

RD_JDE said...

Yes.. it exists in Xe.