Tuesday, July 28, 2009

EnterpriseOne CNC Training

From the mailbag came the following question that I thought I would answer for everyone:

"Hi Jeff, what do you recommend for Oracle CNC training?"

My answer:

Depends on who it is for. A new CNC guy should have his training tailored and more importantly, timed to coincide with what they are doing on the system.

Common Foundation will provide the CNC trainee with the basics of E1 and should be taken just prior to the start of the implementation.

During an implementation the CNC person should be taking the CNC System Admin class while doing the tasks necessary to configure the system.

The Security Principles class should be taken about mid-way through the implementation as the security design is about to occur.

Late in the implementation, either near or just after go-live the CNC admin should attend the OMW/Change Management course.

System Administration Troubleshooting should be taken after the CNC person has a bit of experience.

The key is to align the classes so that the knowledge gained in the class is relevant and used right away, before the information gets stale and is forgotten. It also helps to have the correct knowledge ready for the events taking place during the implementation.

Simply match the learning with the doing. If this is not possible try to match the two as closely as you can. If you are asking this question post go-live, which is likely, just start hacking away at the courses, being careful not to take the next class before the information is learned, absorbed, practiced and solidified.

A listing of all Oracle courses can be found here.

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