Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Change Integrated Solutions (WebSphere) Console Timeout

In IBM's Integrated Solutions Console (formerly known as WebSphere Console), the administrative interface for WebSphere 6.1, the default console user inactivity timeout is 30 minutes. I happen to think this is a bit short, particularly since most anyone using the console is a highly trusted user, generally an IT administrator who is well-versed in computer and network security practices.

For this reason, and since I find it such a hassle to come back to the console after a short time and be told that "Your session has become invalid", I change the timeout to something I think is more reasonable, like 720 minutes.

Please note that I am referring to the timeout for the admin console, not session timeouts.

If you are using WebSphere Network Deployment (and you should be) edit this attribute in the following file on the Network Deployment machine:

C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\NetworkDeploymentservernameCell01\applications\isclite.ear\deployments\isclite\deployment.xml

Set the attribute invalidationTimeout to the desired value, in minutes, where the maximum value is -1 (do not time out)

Restart the WebSphere service on the Network Deployment machine.

If you are not using Network Deployment.....you should be, so go implement ND and follow the directions above.

If you are still on WebSphere 6 (and maybe 5):

Edit the ${WAS_HOME}/systemApps/adminconsole.ear/deployment.xml file to change the invalidationTimeout attribute value to the desired session timeout. The default is 30.

Restart the application service.
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Ying Ding said...

Good tips.

I used a program that works as well.

Please have a look if you would: yingdingsblog.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...


I tried the solution but still i am facing the same issue. When i opne the admin console it says session has become invalid and when I click on the OK button then its throwing an exception.

at com.ibm.ws.console.taglib.common.DetectLocaleTag.doStartTag(DetectLocaleTag.java:134)
at _ibmjsp._error._jspx_meth_ibmcommon_detectLocale_0(_error.java:226)

Please suggest.

Jeff Stevenson said...

This solution still works all the way up to version 8.5. Have you restarted the WAS service?

Unknown said...

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