Monday, January 12, 2009

Simplified E1 URL

Wanna see an ugly URL?


Can we please stop doing this to our EnterpriseOne users? Not only is it tedious and non-descriptive, it looks amateurish.

The use of aliasing and Virtual Hosting techniques in DNS, IBM HTTP Server (Apache), and WebSphere allows E1 JAS instances to be referenced by name instead of by TCP Port Number. DNS mappings, Apache VirtualHosts, and WAS Host Aliases are created to enable this solution. This gets rids of the port numbers.

Paper is here:

In addition, we can get rid of the "/jde/owhtml" portion of the URL by using the Apache DocumentRoot directive.

Paper for this part is here:

These white papers are a bit dated in the WebSphere area but the methods remain the same.

When you get done you will have proper URL's that look something like this:




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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. I stopped doing this to my users a while back. Although there is more to it if using an Oracle WebCache in front of Apache, especially if using SSO registered names, it is the same general idea.

I've also found that a simple redirect can be effective in other scenarios - for instance if a customer has a long servername and they are configuring the Crystal Enterprise integration - a redirect at the Apache config layer works wonders.

Mark said...


Is creating these virtual hosts in the httpd.conf still relevant in the latest oneworld environments? like why dont they just use the websphere plugin to do the work ? why do we need to specify document roots etc..?