Tuesday, December 30, 2008

JD Edwards Technology Survival Camps - 2001

Over three separate weeks during the year 2001, in the basement of Building 1 on the JD Edwards campus in Denver, CO, an amazing set of gatherings occurred that the hundreds in attendance will likely never forget.

Conceived in 2000, at the height of the technology boom and full of the giddiness that accompanied it, the Technology Survival Camps were based in part on the very successful Client Manager camps, intended to basically educate JD Edwards consultants and managers on OneWorld technology, and themed on the then-current "Survivor" TV show. The entire basement was decorated in jungle and castaway garb, music and lighting added to the mood, and the Hawaiian shirts of the camp counselors set the stage for a fun, activity and learning-filled week for the hundred of so "campers" that attended each week in February, May and August of 2001.

The group of counselors was led by Leslie Tremble (Dobbs) and Karen Van Ert although they mostly struggled to keep them (marginally) under some semblance of control.

A partial list of counselors included:

Todd Lansing, Jeff Stevenson, Darryl Shakespeare, Laura Cox, David Telford, Vincent Estick, Erik Helgesen, Anthony Binder, Blake Reeves, Craig Crowhurst, John Maden, Paul Greer, Douglas Fowler, Diana Richards, Shelley Dick, Andrew Simpson, Jeff Kawoles, Randy Glasgow

Presentations ranged from CNC Architecture to Interoperability to OneWorld Security. Presenters included technology experts, marketing types, strategy kings and even Ed McVaney stopped by for a visit. What we were doing was giving valuable knowledge to hungry people in a radically exciting way.

Looking back on the Technology Survival Camps, one realizes that this was a moment that may never happen again- so much freedom to conceive of and to execute an idea so wild and fun that it could only have happened under historical industry circumstances, while at a certain company, led by a certain man.

These memorable events were recorded to video and I have recently converted them to digital and posted the highlights to YouTube. Since YouTube videos can be no longer than 10 minutes, the media is split into segments roughly that length.

The videos are here:

February 2001:

May 2001:

August 2001:

Additionally I have a few pictures from the camps.

August 2001:

If you would like to provide more information (pictures, videos, memories, names, events, etc.) about the 2001 Technology Survival Camps please feel free to contact me.

Also, if anyone has information on how to contact Leslie Tremble (Dobbs) let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Dude. What a proud moment in my life. Yes there is no limit to my stupidity but then there is nothing so stupid that it shouldn't be tried at least once.

Laura Couillard said...

Oh my gosh. What incredible memories. I had forgotten how much those coconuts did NOT fit Fabio's chest.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic memories, fantastic people at a fantastic company...amongst the doom and gloom around at the moment it would be great to travel back to camp again to cheer us all up...
Best thing I hsve ever done in my career.